This may have been the most used line in 2020, thanks to Zoom meetings, but it’s actually the year 2020 trying to tell us something. Or rather, reminding us, as we may have heard these before but may not have taken them seriously.

Don’t take your loved ones for granted

This must be going through everyone’s mind who couldn’t be with their family members when they breathed their last, alone in an ICU, because of Covid-19. It must have been a very helpless situation not being able to say the final goodbye.

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

And this feeling would have compounded even more if for some reason they had some…

As any other Silicon Valley Professional, I keep coming up with next Unicorn ideas which mostly end up with my wife rolling her eyes.

So, instead of sharing this billion-dollar idea with my wife, I thought of sharing it on Medium with a bigger audience, at least I can’t see them when they are rolling their eyes.

I like Uber. And so do millions of people who use it. It has brought the Sexy Back in hailing a cab.

Uber has lot of smart people and they regularly talk about all the smart things they are doing at Uber…

Bhabishya Kumar

Outlet for my random ideas, thoughts & feelings on tech and life in general

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